The next elections for the student parliament (StuPa), the senate and the department councils will take place on 2nd and 3rd of February. The election for the StuPa is organised by the student body, while the university is responsible for the other two bodies.

In order to apply for a postal vote, it is sufficient to apply for a postal vote at the university or the student body. The applications will be passed on in each case. The application can be submitted via the homepage.

Election proposals can also be submitted and supported via the RHRK e-mail address on this homepage. Candidates can also verify their identity here.

Wahlvorschläge StuPa

Hier kannst du dich über die für das Studierendenparlament zur Wahl stehenden Personen informieren.


Polling stations

You can also cast your vote at the polling station, but postal voting is safer for all of us.

Polling station

Dates and deadlines

When is the election, until when can you nominate people or apply for a postal vote? Find out here.

Dates and Deadlines

Election Procedure

How to vote. Information on the election procedure and what to look out for.

Election Procedure

University Elections

Information on the Senate and the Faculty Council

University Elections