The student parliament is the decision-making body of the student body. It consists of 13 members elected by the students in a general, direct, free, equal and secret election for a period of one year.


The competences of the Student Parliament include in particular:

  •     the election and dismissal of members of the General Students' Committee (AStA),
  •     the establishment of departments of the AStA,
  •     Adoption of resolutions on the statutes, election regulations, contribution regulations, financial regulations, allocation regulations and rules of procedure, as well as amendments to these,
  •     Approval and amendment of the budget,
  •     Approval and amendment of a work programme for the General Students' Committee,
  •     approval and amendment of the basic programme of the student body,
  •     dissolving the Student Parliament,
  •     setting up and appointing committees,
  •     deciding on allowances for expenses.

Up to three appointed members from each student council belong to the student parliament in an advisory capacity for the duration of the respective legislative period of the student parliament.