Proportianal Voting

In proportional representation, it is possible to cumulate and to panache. You have as many votes as there are members to be elected to the student parliament (13). You can only vote for people and candidates who are listed on the ballot paper. There are several options here:


  • You can give up to three votes to the persons listed within the number of votes you are entitled to (cumulating).
  • Within the number of votes you are entitled to, you can give votes to persons from different election proposals (panashic).
  • You can accept an election proposal unchanged by marking it (list vote). In this case, one vote is allocated to each person listed on the ballot paper in the order of the election proposal from top to bottom. In the case of multiple nominations, persons listed three times receive three votes, persons listed twice receive two votes. An unchanged acceptance of the election proposal is not given if you give votes to individual persons in one or more election proposals.
  • You can assign your votes by ticking or other clear marking.