Election procedure for the election to the Senate and the Department Councils

Elections are held according to the principles of majority voting.

In the majority voting, you have as many votes as there are members and substitute members to be elected for the committee. This means that you have a total of eight votes for both the senate and the department council.

In contrast to proportional representation, you vote without being bound to the proposed candidates and without the right of cumulating votes. On the ballot paper you can either distribute your votes to the listed persons or you can also decide to enter other eligible persons on the ballot paper. However, in combination, you may not allocate more than eight votes to persons already listed or persons you write in.

If you enter additional persons, it is important that they are clearly identifiable. You should therefore add at least the department in addition to the name. For first and last names that occur more frequently, it can be helpful to provide additional information about the person (e.g. address, RHRK mail address) to make it clear which person is meant.